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R&D Expertise.

Science and Research & Development experts in:

Biomedical Science




Our Mission: Benvenuto

High technology value

We develop and produce innovative services with high technological value in the bio-pharma and therapeutic sectors.

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Flexible processes

A variety of advanced technology solutions for drug development

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Customized Vaccine

High tech solutions to tailored vaccine for each patient

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We use the most up-to-date nanometer observation tools

Mission: Servizi aggiuntivi
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Our services

Personalized vaccine

We aim to develop and provide each patient with a personalized vaccine, based on the uniqueness of that individual's disease to help many more people respond to treatment.


Thanks to the management of genotypic information, which is collected by cutting-edge bioinformatics algorithms, we can develop vaccines that take into account the specificities of each individual.


Rare disease treatments

Our therapies mimic natural biological processes by exploiting orphan drugs specially designed to treat various pathologies, with biological and personalized products.


We use distinct approaches to make therapy efficient, continually improve and expand our new delivery systems (using lipid nanoparticles - LNPs - and conjugates) and apply them to new organs and diseases.

Microscopy Services

We apply high-performance tools for all-round nano or sub-nano resolutions by analyzing samples of companies operating in multiple sectors such as: 

  • Chemistry

  • Medicine and nanomedicine

  • Oncology

  • Biology

  • Nanomaterials, Electronics

The availability of machines such as SEM, TEM and Laser Microdissection microscope, we are able to isolate specific single cells or entire areas of tissue, even subcellular structures, such as chromosomes.

Services: Prodotti

Genomic Biopharma

Next-Gen Drugs

We are a research & development and production company of drugs, vaccines, and orphan drugs.

We have been operating since 2020, with a pipeline of experimental and effective services currently focused on the area of ​​oncology and rare diseases, and we also offer technological support, operational and scientific consulting services.

Cutting-edge tools are our fuel and we put them at the service of our customers and partners every day.

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